OSAC article in BSAC's SCUBA magazine

Ormskirk Bounces Back

(article title from SCUBA magazine issue 2, January 2012)


Scuba diving is an expensive sport, and in these financially uncertain times is one that for many could easily fall by the wayside. Every so often, you hear the sad news about a BSAC club shutting up shop and disappearing from a community altogether.

Success stories may now be especially thin on the ground. Ormskirk Sub Aqua Club, (OSAC) established back in 1975, was up until recently one such branch, a small club struggling to recruit new members and to find its way financially. Member numbers had dwindled, and the future looked bleak and unnervingly certain.

However, the club is enjoying a new lease of life thanks to the determination of its hardy crew. Under a new committee, this past year the club has come on in leaps and bounds, holding dozens of try dives, creating its own web page and recruiting both new and veteran divers, who have in turn helped host OSAC’s first fundraiser.

Ormskirk club’s Summer comedy event raised almost £1000 with the help of Radio Merseyside presenter and stand up comedian Sean Styles.

Now financially robust, the club is reinvesting its money back in its members, subsidising the attendance of instructor courses, planning a rebreather try dive night, and restocking kit cupboards and organising fully booked dive trips like never before.

The club has this year celebrated its 35th birthday, a mile stone it looked as though it may never see. Thanks to its loyal members it can safely look forward to many more!