Our Equipment

We have a well stocked kit-room full of equipment that enables our members to get fully qualified without having to purchase any equipment. Once qualified, our members can hire any equipment they may need for a small nominal cost.
We benefit from a superb relationship with a local dive shop that enables both Club owned and members personal cylinders to be filled free of charge.

Among our current equipment you will find -

  • Aqualung Calypso Regulators
  • Aqualung Wave BCDs* (with integrated weights)
  • AquaTek X350 Drysuits* (with tech socks)
  • ScubaPro Fjord HD Rock Boots*
  • AquaTek Undersuits*
  • Various Pool Fins, Open Water Fins, Masks, Hoods & Gloves*
  • Buddy DSMBs
  • Suunto SK7 Compasses
  • Suunto Zoop Dive Computers
  • 10l & 12l Air/Nitrox Cylinders
  • O2 & First Aid kits

* Assorted sizes

New Kit