Student Notes

Student Notes vary in cost depending on which qualification they relate to. As beginner you’ll be starting the Ocean Diver Course, and your pack will include -

  • Notes to accompany the classroom lessons
  • A Training/Qualification Log Book that covers all future qualifications you may process on to.
  • A Copy of “Diving – The Diving Manual”
  • The all important form to apply for your Photo ID card upon qualification

The current cost for the Ocean Diver pack £35.00.

Ocean Diver Pack

Additional BSAC members in your household can obtain their Ocean Diver training pack at a reduced (Abated) cost of £25.00.

In addition to the pool session you will need to complete a minimum of five open water sessions, normally at local disused quarry, where there is an additional £10-£17 entrance fee per diver per session.