Donating towards OSAC



Hanging up your fins? Do you have old scuba kit you don't plan to use? Just going to throw away/freecycle?
If so, you could assist sport in the community by donating that old kit to OSAC and help others learn to scuba dive in a not-for-profit way. At OSAC we don't generate any income for profit for ourselves or any individual, and we don't ask for cash donations. But we can make use of unused scuba kit, masks, fins, snorkels, all the way up to cylinders, regs and even suits. If you plan to give/throw items away, or if you just want to help out, please remember OSAC. We can collect scuba items from the local area, so drop a line to our secretary or chairman if you have kit to donate.
***Sometimes OSAC is seeking to purchase kit to replace our training equipment that has become obsolete. At these times we may be able to purchase equipment with club funds, typically kit that would wear out and need replacing for safety/maintenance reasons. Similarly from time to time OSAC will sell on kit that we can't make use for, or have to excess in our possession. Again, any funds raised from this goes directly back into upkeep of the club and to no-one's gain but the community***


To those patrons of ours who have donated kit already,

Thank You!