OSAC Dive Trip to Oban 2011

Pictures from Oban, Clachan Seil and the Sound of Mull

Wrecks of the Meldon, the Breda and the Benghazie

Mark Lamb gears up!

Mark Lamb kitting up before a dive

Pete Millar Underwater

Pete Millar taking photographs at Oban

Pete Lea underwater

Pete Lea huffing a jetstream while being closely followed by son Aidan Lea

Pete Millar underwater

Pete Millar smiling through his regulator at a wreck in the Sound of Mull

Matthew McDonald and Kevin Gerrard underwater

Matt McDonald (left) with Kevin Gerrard (right) exploring the Scottish waters


Brick as found by Wal Hilton on the Meldon

A brick stamped F&L on the Benghazi

Dave Hughes diving on the Breda

Dave Hughes over a funnel on the Breda

Dave Hughes diving the Breda refined photo

A digitally enhanced version bringing out the colours of Dave Hughes on the Breda


A fish on the Breda

Gnome on the Breda

The resident Gnome on the Breda

Inside the wreck of the Breda

Inside the wreck of the Breda

Kevin Gerrard diving his KISS rebreather

Kevin Gerrard diving a KISS sports rebreather on the wreck of the Breda

Matthew McDonald passing underwater

Matt McDonald on the wreck of the Benghazi

Oban Crew Photo

A group photo of the Oban expedition


A large starfish in the Sound of Mull

Aidan on the hardboat

Aidan Lea on the boat ride through the Sound of Mull


One of the large crustaceans encountered on a wall dive in Oban

Crab 2

A crab makes a quick get away after being disturbed during a wall dive

Mark and Keith hanging off the shot line in deco

Keith Ashcroft and Mark lamb decompress

 Matthew McDonald and Kevin Gerrard on the Meldon wreck

Matt McDonald and Kevin Gerrard perusing the reef

Orange Fish

A large orange fish on the wreck of the Benghazi

Orange Starfish

A sizeable starfish on the wreck

Pete and Aidan Lea doing dsmb drills

Pete Lea takes son Aidan Lea through DSMB deployment at the wreck of the Benghazi

Setting off on a good day's diving!

Kitting up for the second day's diving in Oban


A heavy weight starfish on a wall dive

Starfish feeling alittle blue

A chilly starfish on the same dive

Starfish-esque life

A large flowery starfish

Underwater marine life1

Underwater Rose

Marine fauna giving the appearance of a magnificent white rose


Wal Hilton underwater

Wal Hilton explores the Breda

Beautiful view at Clachan Seil

The view over Clachan Seil

Beautiful view at Clachan Seil

The view into the Sound of Mull

Dave Hughes and Wal Hilton ascends on a dsmb

Wal Hilton and Dave Hughes surface on a DSMB

Dave Hughes and Wal Hilton return to the dive boat

Wal Hilton climbs the not so easy dive ladder from the cold Scottish waters

Oban crew photo 2

A picture of some of the lads on the Oban trip


A dog fish on the wreck of the Meldon


The same playful dogfish on the Meldon


Zooming in on the patient dogfish


An ill tempered mutated sea bass - courtesy of Doctor Evil!

Keith Ashcroft on a dive

Keith Ashcroft prepares to dive a wall in the Sound of Mull

Keith makes his entry

Keith ashcroft makes the leap of faith from the dive boat

Lisa makes her stride entry

Lisa Morris and her Draeger rebreather leaping off to enjoy the wall dive

Lobster-esque creature

A lobster-esque crustacean encountered during the wall dive

lobster-esque creature 2

The same lobster not looking to entertain guests

Oban Crew photo 2

Another group photo at the end of the day's diving

Returning from a good day's diving

A photo of the weary crew taken from the shore

The Atlantic Bridge

The Atlantic Bridge at Clachan Seil

Tigh an Truish pub

The Tigh an Truish Inn

Pete Millar filming

Pete Millar takes professional quality video of the wreck of the Breda

Mark helping Wal Hilton de-kit

Mark Lamb assists Wal Hilton de-kitting

Aidan looking around

Aidan Lea is on alert for any Great Whites at Oban

Kitting up on board

Quietly preparing for another intrepid adventure!!!!!!