Learn to Dive with the Ribble Valley Sub Aqua Club


Ribble Valley Sub Aqua Club (RVSAC) usually conduct diver training over a number of weeks on a Thursday evening. Training is conducted by qualified instructors and all necessary equipment is supplied by RVSAC.

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Andrew Farrow Training

We will offer a 'Try Dive' and if you like it (and most do) you can join the club and immediately move on to the 'Ocean Diver' course which when completed, qualifies you to participate in open water diving. As you become more experienced you will be encouraged to increase your skills though the 'Sport Diver', 'Dive Leader', 'Advanced Diver' and First Class Diver grades.

Joining the club includes membership to the British Sub Aqua Club (BSAC). This will immediately entitle you to the full benefits of BSAC membership.

You will also be entitled to participate in the full range of club activities, including continuing and specialist courses arranged by the club or the BSAC regional structure, as well as all social activities, weekend diving trips to inland or coastal sites and diving holidays.

RVSAC is superbly equipped with its own boat and mount fascinating diving trips and expeditions. We also charter dive boats at coastal locations for our own organised dives.

If I want to learn to dive what do I get for my money?

Once you have confirmed you want to join following your 'try dive', our treasurer will be delighted to relieve you of your money. You will be asked to complete and sign a membership form and a medical questionnaire to satisfy us that you are fit to dive. Once the paperwork is complete we will give you:

learn to dive
  • Membership of the British Sub Aqua Club (BSAC);
  • Third party insurance;
  • DIVE - the monthly BSAC magazine;
  • The diving manual;
  • Student workbook which includes the Ocean Diver notes;
  • A qualification record book;
  • All inclusive training and use of club equipment until qualified;
  • Free air fills and discounted gear from Reefers & Wreckers
  • An invitation to join our Yahoo Group and Scubatext Group which keeps you in touch, via email and text, with everything that goes on in the club.