About the Lowestoft Sub Aqua Club

The present Lowestoft Sub Aqua Club is a recognised branch (No. 0671) of the British Sub Aqua Club which is the governing body for the sport of scuba diving in the United Kingdom. In 1977 the club was re-established under the original branch number and in 2014 we received a certificate of recognition from BSAC commemorating our 40th anniversary since the club was originally formed.

Old Lowestoft Sub Aqua ClubOld Lowestoft Sub Aqua ClubLowestoft Sub Aqua Club at GildenburghLowestoft Sub Aqua Club at the RNSYC

The club has dived at various locations around the British Isles and many of its members have dived notable dive locations around the world. During the summer months we regularly dive off our own coastline (which is some of the harshest yet most rewarding diving for developing individual skills and stamina), annually we arrange a club holiday to a mutually agreeable location. Weekend diving trips are also a feature of club activities.

The club is run by committee, which is democratically elected at the Annual General Meeting, normally held during July. Dry meetings are held at regular intervals throughout the year for all members to attend and the committee also meet once a month. The club has a common renewal date starting on the 1st of June, anyone joining at any other time will not have to pay a full years membership but instead only pay for the months remaining up to the next common renewal date.

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