Lowestoft Sub Aqua Club Dive Reports

Easter bunny
27th Mar 16 Gildenburgh

The first dive of the year for LSAC. 4 crazy fools left Lowestoft at 7am on Easter Sunday and met up at the Swafham McDonalds for breakfast. Arriving at the dive site at 9:30, it was a fine and sunny morning, but a little bit windy. The site was already busy with other divers. They paid the entry fee (click photo or title for more...)

1st Apr 16 Stoney Cove

Two April fools from the Lowestoft Sub Aqua Club decided to brave the cold and make the trip to Stoney Cove for some depth progression training.

Hail at Stoney Cove
6th Apr 16 Stoney Cove

2 members arrived at Stoney Cove at 8:20 on a wet Wednesday morning and were first to arrive at the locked gates. The site opened at 8:30 and they were joined by 2 more members a little later. The weather was very changeable, one minute it was blue skies and sunshine, then it was (click photo or title for more...)

John Butcher
5th May 16 Gildenburgh

5 divers met up at Gildenburgh at various times between 9 and 11 and had the entire site to themselves. The sun was shining and the vis from the edge of the water looked perfect as the carp sunbathed in the shallow water. Ater the dive brief and buddy checks the first 3 (click on photo or title for more...)

15th May 16 Stoney Cove

4 members met at Stoney Cove on a sunny Sunday morning. The first 2 arrived about 7:30 and the second 2 arrived about 9am. The site was very busy and the viz was quite bad in certain areas due to the amount of divers stirring it up.