Lowestoft Sub Aqua Club Dive Reports

Stoney Cove Feb 2015
8th Feb 15 Stoney Cove

3 members of LSAC met at 9am on a cold frosty Sunday morning at Stoney Cove for some Sports Diver training. The site was fairly busy but they managed to park next to each other on the bottom car park. After the dive brief, kitting up and buddy checks and weight checks they eventually (click photo or title for more...)

Stoney Cove March 2015
5th Mar 15 Stoney Cove
Two members went to stone cold Stoney Cove for some pre-season equipment checks. The car park was pretty much deserted and the we had the pick of the parking places which confirmed that we must have been mad! Despite this we were committed to getting in a couple of dives following the long (click photo or title for more...)
Nigel Powley at Gildenburgh
20th Mar 15 Gildenburgh
Two members of the Lowestoft Sub Aqua club made the Friday afternoon trek to Gildenburgh to continue skills practice for the Sports Diver grade. The sun came out for a short period as we set off but it was to be short lived and by the time we reached Gildy the sky was again overcast (click photo or title for more...)
Pike at Stoney Cove
22nd Mar 15 Stoney Cove

2 LSAC members arrived at Stoney Cove at 7:45 Sunday morning and found a nice spot to park the car on the bottom car park overlooking the water. The site was busy with everyone setting up dive gear. We were kitted up and ready to get in the water in less than an hour of arriving but then disaster struck (click for more....)

Nigel Powley at Gildenburgh
15th May 15 Gildenburgh

2 members took advantage of Gildenburgh's Friday night late opening times and left Lowestoft just after 1:30 pm arriving at the dive site around 3:45. The sun was shining, it was a pleasant 14 degrees C and the carp were sunbathing in the shallow water. As we had the place to ourselves we (click photo or title for more...)