Lowestoft Sub Aqua Club Dive Reports

Snowy at gildy
11th Feb 13 Gildenburgh

2 members of Lowestoft Sub Aqua Club went to Gildenburgh so one of them could try on a dry suit. While they were there they thought they might as well do some diving. The outside air temperature was 0 degrees, there was snow on the benches and there were no other divers (Click photo or title for more...)

28th Apr 13 Gildenburgh

4 members met up at Gildenburgh Sunday morning for some check out dives in preparation for Swanage and some Sports Diver training. The weather was OK and it was a Sunday so the site was quite busy and the viz wasn't very good. Water temperature was between 5 and 7 degrees. (click photo or title for more...)

Lowestoft Diver 050513
5th May 13 Fontenoy

4 LSAC members met up early Sunday morning at the RNSYC to take the RIB out for the first time this year. There was a light wind from the South West, the sun was shining but we wouldn't know what the viz would be like until we arrived at the dive site. The wreck was located and grappled (click photo or title for more...)

Lowestoft Diver 060513
6th May 13 Fontenoy

As the viz was surprisingly OK on Sunday and the wind was still a gentle breeze 5 members of LSAC decided to meet up at the yacht club to catch the early morning tide. There were 4 divers in the group and one member just along for the ride. The sea was a little rougher than the day (click photo or title for more...)

9th May 13 Gildenburgh
Following the bank holiday weekends successfull start to sea diving off Lowestoft two LSAC members went diving in Gildenburgh. This was for drysuit training and building up dive experience. All valuable skills for sea diving. The viz was still not very good but the water temperature had (click photo or title for more...)