Lowestoft Sub Aqua Club Dive Reports

6th Jan 12 Stoney Cove

As the end of year dive had to be cancelled due to lack of interest LSAC's first and only long distance member and a member of Dover Sub Aqua club started the 2012 dive season off with 3 dives in Stoney Cove. The visibility was the best they had ever seen. From the bow of the Stangarth you (click title or photo for more)

13th Feb 12 Gildenburgh

Imagine putting you hands in and icy cold bucket of water for 20 minutes when there's still snow on the ground, how do you think your fingers would feel? Mine were numbingly painful. The air temperature and the surface water temperature were both 3 degrees and as we were the only ones stupid enough to dive in...

Dave Lanham Stoney Cove
19th Feb 12 Stoney Cove

4 members of Lowestoft Sub Aqua Club set off at 6am to Stoney Cove after scraping the ice from the outside and the inside of the car windscreen. Arriving just after 9 wasn't early enough to get a good spot by the water and they had to make do with overflow car park number 2....(click photo or date and title for more)

Fritton lake
24th Feb 12 Fritton Lake

2 members of Lowestoft Sub Aqua Club dived in Fritton lake to see if the site would be suitable for training. The earlier forecast was for rain but it stayed dry and was a pleasant 17 degrees. The facilities provided by the Outdoor Swim Centre such as changing rooms, showers and toilets were very....(click photo for more)

2 perch
19th Mar 12 Stoney Cove

3 members of LSAC met up with 2 members of DSAC at Stoney Cove on a bright sunny morning. As it was a Monday (in March) and not very busy, they managed to get a nice spot on the bottom car park close to the water. The water temperature is slowly warming up, it was about 6 degrees, (click photo or title for more)