Lowestoft Sub Aqua Club Dive Reports

Stoney Cove underwater map
23rd Jan 11 Stoney Cove

"Two LSAC members start the 2011 dive season.

Glynn Conolly and Alex Liddon kicked off the 2011 dive season with a visit to Stoney Cove.

Like all good divers we planned the dive - Twin set shut down drills, Stage cylinder gas switching and simulated deco stops.......

The good, the bad and the ugly
26th Jan 11 Gildenburgh

Nothing like 4 degree Gildenburgh water on a cold January morning for your first open water dive, it sorts out the men from the boys. We had the place to ourselves apart from a small group of army divers over in the far corner.

Nick Forey completed his first two open water dives (without the aid of......

Alex & Nick on nautilus submarine
25th Feb 11 Stoney Cove

Three members of LSAC made the long journey to Stoney Cove for a days diving and boy did we get our moneys worth. (its now £17 to get in if anyone is interested)

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James and Paul
1st Apr 11 Gildenburgh

Three April Fools from the Lowestoft Sub Aqua Club made the five hour round trip to Gildy for one dive to 19 mtrs.

The original intention was to dust off the dive kit and do some shakedown dives before the planned trip to Weymouth (May)....click for more

Jane using DSMB
10th Apr 11 Gildenburgh

2 members of Lowestoft Sub Aqua Club arrived at Gildenburgh Waters at 16:00 on a lovely Sunday afternoon and got in for the reduced price of £9 as it was late in the afternoon.

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