Lowestoft Sub Aqua Club Dive Reports

25th Jan 09 Gildenburgh

Two members of LSAC made their first dives of the year in Gildenburgh Waters.

The visibility in the lake was 5-6 meters and the water temperature was 3 degrees.

20th Feb 09 Gildenburgh

Two members of the Lowestoft Sub Aqua Club thought they would make the most of the warmer conditions and dive at Gildy. Despite the outside temperature being 8 degress up on the previous couple of weeks, we found the water temperature to be no more than 1 degree up than that of the previous dive (4 degrees Max). In fact the minimum water temperature recorded was 2.7 desgrees.....we must be mad!!

On the plus side we had the lake to ourselves and the viz was about 8-10 metres, which is exceptional for Gildy

17th Apr 09 Stoney Cove

9 club members made the 3 hour journey to Stoney Cove to get in some dive practice prior to next months Lyme Regis trip.

The water was a lukewarm 5 degrees and visibility varied from 0.5- 3 meters.

18th Apr 09 Gildenburgh

2 LSAC members travelled to Gildenburgh for Ocean diver training.

The water was a very warm 9 deg c at 6 meters.

24th Apr 09 Whitlingham Broad

On a bright sunny afternoon, three members of LSAC decided to try Whitlingham Broad as an alternative to Gildy or Stoney.

We managed a 30ish minute dive to 5 meters with varying visibility.

Two other members provided shore cover.