Lowestoft Sub Aqua Club Dive Reports

21st Jan 07 Gildenburgh

Simon Boor took Warwick Price and Darren Bradford for some Ocean diver training at Gildenburgh. Alex Liddon was also present as assistant dive manager and shore cover along with Jane Gosling.

4th Apr 07 Stoney Cove

5 Divers ventured to Stoney Cove to test the new equipment bought at the dive show. Waz Price completed his last dive for Ocean Diver.

14th Apr 07 Gildenburgh

A total of seven LSAC members travelled to Gildenburgh To carry out a variety of training dives. Weather was dry & sunny. Water temp 7 deg c. Vis poor.

28th Apr 07 Gildenburgh

9 members of Lowestoft Sub Aqua Club visted Gildenburgh for Ocean & Sports diver training. Weather: dry & sunny. Water temp 8 deg c. Vis 1-3 meters.

12th May 07 MY Typhoon Red Sea 5th-12th May

Alex Liddon was invited on the Red Sea Liveaboard MY Typhoon by Skegness BSAC. He managed 19 dives and a total of 931 minutes underwater. They visited many of the popular dive sites such as: Thistlegorm, Rosalie Moller, Dunraven,...