Lowestoft Sub Aqua Club Dive Reports

2nd Jan 06 Stoney Cove

The first club divers of the year. Two divers? made the trip to Stoney Cove. The water temp was about 10C.

30th Jan 06 Stoney Cove

Its going to be COLD and it was! 7 divers made the trip for sports and dive leader training. The air temp was 5C and the water was not much better. We all got cold and some got wet.

6th Feb 06 Gildenburgh

4 intrepid divers made the trip for Sports and Dive leader training.

26th Feb 06 Car treasure hunt

A total of 13 cars (and their drivers) attended a fun afternoon. The quickest time was about 30 mins and the longest was about 2 1/2 hours. One group failed and opened the envelope. Well done Bruce, who came first. Thanks to Mic for the raffle. A...

9th Mar 06 Gildenburgh

Three divers went. It was to COLD, 4C in the water.