Lowestoft Sub Aqua Club Dive Reports

10th September 16


A stunning sunrise welcomed the 10 members before they set off at 6.30am for Gildenburgh in 5 cars for some diver training.  There was a mix of student levels split into two groups, who were soon affectionately labelled 'Team Ocean' and 'Team Sport'!
Despite the glorious introduction to the day in Lowestoft, at Whittlesea the rain was pretty much persistent, but the lake was not too busy, and everybody was in good spirits.  The day also saw some nominees for the Wooden Weightbelt Award, with one member seemingly already wearing the wooden weightbelt throughout his training, and another requiring the assistance of the RAC to retrieve the car keys locked in the boot of the car!

Dive 1
Divers: Alex, Mark C, Ben R, Alan, Mike (Team Sport)
Max Depth: 16m
Dive Time: 30 mins
Water Temp: 12 Degrees C
Vis: 3m
Dive Details: SO2 - Use of an SMB. Stride entry from Woolworths jetty and then a surface swim to the buoy marking the Skyvan cockpit. Descent in buddy pairs deploying the SMB line. After a quick OK check a swim around the perimeter of the lake. Many crayfish hiding in the weeds and a jack pike.
Wooden weight belt nominations: Nil.

Dive 2 
Divers: Mark O, Jane, Jeff, Fiona, John B (Team Ocean)
Max Depth: 7.8 metres
Water Temp: 18 degrees C
Viz: 2-3 metres
Dive Details: We entered the water at the training platform, checked the trainees for buoyancy, and adjusted their weight as necessary, before proceeding with fin-pivots at each of the 3 platforms.  Almost immediately upon entering the water we saw the first of several shoals of perch - lovely for the students doing their first dive! Team Ocean all cleared their masks, and we proceeded to take a gentle dive to the pool table, and return to the platform to jettison their weights.  During the dive, there were some problems identified with the kit of 2 of the students, which we sought to rectify before our next dive.

Dive 3
Divers: Alex, Ben R, Alan, Mike (Team Sport)
Max Depth: 16m
Dive Time: 23 mins
Water Temp: 12 degrees C
Vis: 3m
Dive Details: SO1 Rescue Skills. A quick refresher of Tow and rescue breaths in standing water, then a fun dive out to the Skyvan and returning looking under the platforms and stages for marine life. Alan found a torch lost by a member of Team Ocean. Then came the lesson. Ben carried out a Controlled Buoyant Lift on Alan from 6m. This was followed by rescue breaths and a tow to shore. 
Wooden weight belt nominations: none underwater, but Team Sport was down by one member, due to the arrival of the RAC!

Dive 4 
Divers: Mark O, Jane, Jeff, Fiona, John B (Team Ocean), later joined by Mark C
Max Depth: 9.7 metres
Water Temp: 18 degrees C
Viz: 1-2  metres
Dive Details: We entered the water at the training platform again, with both John and Fiona carrying more weight, and John having emptied his BC pockets, making his BC a more secure fit.  John however, felt unwell and so exited before the dive began.
The other two Ocean Diver students began their dive with further fin pivots at standing depth before descending to the 2m platform. We continued with skills practice which was going well until Fiona got a touch of nerves after having removed her mask, She very calmly indicated that she wasn't comfortable and wanted to ascend, which we did.  At this point she performed the mask removal and replace whilst kneeling in the standing depth platform, regaining her confidence to continue.  Mark C (who by this time, had waved goodbye to the nice RAC man) saw us and seized the opportunity to join us as we re-commenced our dive.
We returned to the 2m platform, and after waiting a while for another group of students to clear the platform below, our students continued with demonstrating their skills.
We then went for an exploratory dive seeing lots of baby perch on the way.  At the bus we were rewarded with the sight of firstly, a huge pike, stationary inside the bus, and then secondly an enormous crayfish which Mark C waved in front of our faces!
We returned to each of the platforms, ascending to our point of entry, after a low-viz, but very enjoyable dive.