Lowestoft Sub Aqua Club Dive Reports

Weybourne shore dive
29th August 16

SS Rosalie - Weybourne

A club trip to Weybourne on August Bank Holiday followed some rough weather and onshore northerly winds which finally began dropping in the morning before arrival. Cromer webcam was monitored before departing Lowestoft to evaluate feasibility of entry and exit with an onsite verification of ‘doable but inelegant’ from Chris, not an LSAC member but an occasional buddy of Marks and a regular North Norfolk diver who was there for the weekend. By the time everyone had battled their ways north the car park was filling with other divers with around a dozen more appearing on the wreck in various groups during the dive.

Most walked with their equipment on their backs while Jane and Simon evaluated the use of plastic sledges which had taken some effort to obtain in August! Result = thumbs up! A thumbs up was also given by the wetsuit divers; 5:3 and no hood was perfect, 3/2/2 no hood was alright so there’s a few kg of lead saved from the carry! Nigel’s wife Helen took on the role of dive manager and shore cover while the three groups swam out and assembled on the exposed mast of the Rosalie before catching their breath, posing for photographs and descending.

Divers: Mark Crame, Nick Harrison, Chris James
Max depth: 8.2m
Dive Time: 26 minutes – 80 minutes
Water Temp: Max 19 degrees
Visibility: 1-2 metres
Dive Details: Visibility was hoped to be a bit better than the 1-2 metres encountered and the tide did not appear to stop at slack water with an ebb encountered on the swim out. Maintaining buddy contact was difficult and less fish and crustacea were seen than on previous visits as they appear to have stayed under cover due to flow. Brown, shore and velvet swimmer crabs were seen, a shoal of small bass, some large ballan wrasse, juvenile corkwing wrasse and a long spined sea scorpion – as orange as the plumose anemones it was hiding near – were also spotted. This year’s feature of mandatory post-dive picnicking was enjoyed at the end bringing the day to an end.

Divers: Richard Tasker, Nigel Powley
Max depth: 7.5m
Dive Time: 19 minutes
Water Temp: Max 19 degrees
Visibility: 1 metre

Divers: Simon Boor, Jane Boor
Max depth: 7.8 m
Dive Time: 26 minutes – 39 minutes
Water Temp: Max 19 degrees
Visibility: 1-2 metres